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Digital Storytelling

Visual and Audio Assets | Digital Stories


Visual and Audio Assets

With the EULA-B license, you can use bought visual and audio assets using this license for commercial use for things such as visual novels, other video games, computer programs, and anything else allowed by the license.

Digital Stories

Think of these stories as examples of what can be done using some of the visual and audio assets on Voonle that can help you tell your story. This includes a Japanese, Korean, and English language listening practice program, as well as a visual novel called The Thought Police Hotline: Episode 1.

Purchasing Helps Fund Future Content

In order to help you tell your stories in a digital format, currency is needed to create more content such as art assets. Your purchase is appreciated a lot. 🙂

Accepting USD and Cryptocurrencies

Voonle’s online shop accepts US dollars and all cryptocurrencies supported by NOWPayments, such as SHIB, BTC, ETH, etc. Each cryptocurrency has a minimum needed spend amount through NOWPayments, so please check the minimum required spend which may change day by day for cryptocurrencies at

If your purchase doesn’t reach the minimum amount of US dollars through NOWPayments (for example, if nothing happens when you press the “proceed to payment” button), please try paying with Paypal if you choose a non-cryptocurrency for payment such as the USD.

Even though prices show in USD, that amount should be converted to the cryptocurrency that NOWPayments has for you to choose from if you decide to pay with cryptocurrency.


Bring your story to life!

The Thought Police Hotline Art Assets Set 1 pack includes characters, backgrounds, and some user interface elements to help you create a way to tell your story in a visual novel format. An open source visual novel maker such as Ren’py can be used to create a visual novel, as well as other software if desired. Then you can sell your visual novel! You can use these elements as part of another type of video game as well, such as the story parts of an RPG or fighting game.


Music for your digital storytelling experience

Starting with the Thought Police Hotline: Episode 1 soundtrack

With the EULA-B license available for The Thought Police Hotline: Episode 1 soundtrack (standalone purchase), you can use this music to help give a better experience to your visual novel, other video game, online videos, and anything else allowed by the EULA-B license. More music should be uploaded in the future, but this soundtrack is the starting point for audio offerings.