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The Thought Police Hotline Art Assets Set 1




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This set includes characters and backgrounds from The Thought Police Hotline episodes 1 and 2, which through the power of the EULA-B license you can non-exclusively use to make your own visual novel and sell the visual novel within the bounds of the license. The Thought Police Hotline series so far is made in Ren’py which is free and open source (although donations to them are welcome of course), so you can learn that if you want. Included in this are:

-15 characters
-18 different background scenes (Some have slightly different details which is why they might seemingly appear more than once.)
-Various user interface (UI) files used with The Thought Police Hotline: Episode 1. (Some assets that are specific to Voonle or The Thought Police Hotline were taken out, but most UI files should be there.)